Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Don't be bitter. It leads to Botox.

Some things in life are free, or at least when you have great friends that take you to breakfast. But when one really considers the price of having those great friends nothing is truly free. It is funny to consider the fact that once you have established a great friendship it takes a great deal of time and effort to keep said friend. What if you are putting in so much of your time and effort and receiving little in return? Does this pattern lead one to continue on the path of servitude just to have a friend. Or is it something greater? An inner battle with one's self, the popularity demon that haunts us all. That if we can prove a great friend, we will have great friends. As long as we are needed, we matter. Our self esteem rides on the vision of others rather then the distorted version of a lesser self staring back at you in your over sized mirror. Perhaps friendships can be this ideal relationship. Like historical friendships full of adventure and mystery. A dynamic duo that runs in unison like a tandem bicycle even then a person can do all the work carrying on as though life is effortless. Thus friendship becomes a chore an expected credit on lives journey. So next time you meet someone ask, will this be debit or credit?

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