Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is the moon really made of cheese?

It's funny what happens to people late at night. How one's body is somehow overcome with this zombie-like doppelganger. For some, they become unbearable and grumpy. For others they become childish and their voices change. This change was once referred to by my sleepover buddies, back in the day as "my little girl voice" "Do I have my little girl voice on?" A common question to determine how sleepy one was. Now some people don not have a little girl voice, but rather a deeper more Darth Vader voice as they get tired. Regardless of which voice persona you take one there other indications of a sleepy state. Some people enjoy telling stories that would not be shared at a normal hour of the day. Some fall into the trap of fidgeting or obsessing over the strangest things. Some cannot sleep right away so they find companionship in a digital box or a book or the social networks of the world. Now the best is when someone is so tired they simply drift right to sleep with a smile on their faces. It's like they have had the best day ever. VH1 notable and they don't want it to ever end. That is that state in which, I wish we could all fall asleep. This euphoric state that sleep is not just an annoying have to, but rather a joyous blessing. That at the end of each day we can take a while and slip into this state in which I will never understand, all to wake up and start again the next day. So dream on my little friends and once you fell yourself falling into a sleepy habit, don't fight it. Rather lay down at night with a smile. Fore who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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