Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I can't reach the top shelf

You sit there in the dark and I wonder, Why not come into the light? Why not find yourself over here, with me? Is it so fascinating over there that even I cannot intrigue you to come out and play? This thought I have thought nearly every day. But today, today was a new day and though the thought crossed my mind. I decided to do something about it. First I pushed it away, and then the words were said. There was a trigger of happiness released in my brain for some strange thought to occur. The perfect thought at that. I asked you very nicely to help me. You agreed and I would like to say what unfolded next was completely amazing. However that would be a lie. We did have a good time and lots of fun was had. But this scenario I do believe my friend to be merely a stepping stone leading us to something greater. Where or when this will take place again I can’t say for sure. One thing I know is that I will always be over here, just waiting for you to want to play again. To step into the light just for a moment and dare to dream or seek or touch only that which can be imagined is that which is real. I’ll wait secret code in mind in case what happened today can be once again in time. So you try your combination's and stay locked out. Fore until you believe and long and desire, you will be in the dark.

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