Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello Jim!!!

It is an odd phenomenon that one really does accomplish everything they need to do in a day.However with the stress of finals and the onset of cranky behavior, I find a few things in my life help me in these crazy times. First I decided to try something new. This can be anything, from bungee jumping to blogging. Next take some time to go out to a secluded spot to yell as long as you can about everything that is bothering you. This should be done until you start laughing please do not pass out from the yelling. I would also try and look on the bright side get all dressed up for one of your finals just for fun. Trust me it will give you a boost of confidence and maybe turn a few heads. When all else fails rely on those that you love to help you out and know that your best friends, family, and sisters will always be there for you.


  1. I think I'm going to thoroughly enjoy your blog :)

  2. OH my goodness I am so excited that you like it. I will not let you down bb.

  3. Dear World,

    I feel it is time for another post...I'm just saying...